Between the Cons

a podcast for movies/tv, gaming, sci-fi, and all things between comic-cons

Between the Cons is a bi-weekly podcast for movies/tv, gaming, sci-fi, and all things between comic-cons.

New Look, Website Updates, and Other News

Dear Internet,

We don't communicate enough, and that's not cool. We've been changing a lot lately, and haven't even told you about most of it. That's not what friends do, and we are going to start being more open with you. Starting in 2017, we're going to be using the News page to give you folks announcements, along with some updates on the hosts as we go on about our lives when we're not in front of the mic. Ideally, we'll be sending these out on the first Wednesday of every month.

That being said, we have some catching up to do. We've been really busy over the last few weeks to bring you some cool stuff, and we're going to give you the run down right freaking now.

For the first round of announcements, and in case you haven't noticed, we have made some changes to our overall look and updated website in efforts to streamline the browsing experience. Since Sean has been off the show for almost a year now and there are more faces involved with bringing you the show besides Chris+1, we have updated our logo to better represent what we're about.

For our new logo, we decided to move in a direction that shows off our roots. A classic halftone dot pattern in a comic panel spread makes up the background of our new logo. Since comic books are the thing that brought us all together in the first place, we felt like this was an obvious place to start on the new logo. We added an exclamation bubble to represent the classic comics that we all grew up reading, as well as the excitement and attitude that we try to bring to every episode. For colors, we went back and forth on a ton of combinations, but when it all boiled down, we decided to pay tribute to the two comic giants with Marvel red and DC blue.

For the website, the first change is that we removed the "Previous Episodes" section from the home page. Since we have the slideshow banner and the See More button, we just figured that it was a little redundant. We've also removed the Contact page and moved the form to the About page. With adding the News heading to the navigation menu, it was getting a little cramped up condensed it down.

We have also begin a handful of efforts to monetize the podcast, or, in words that I don't hate using, we are beginning to attempt to make the podcast pay for itself. As a part of this, we have two sponsorships that we are in the last stages of finalizing, we've launched a Patreon page, and we have become an Amazon affiliate. You might be asking yourself, "what does any of that even mean?" Well, let me tell you:

Patreon is a platform that allows content creators to reach a sustainable income. They do this by providing supporters of these forms of content to financially support their favorite creators on a month-to-month basis. Patreon is very similar to Kickstarter, though, where different levels of support yield different rewards for the supporter. There are also different support goals that we have set for when we hit different tiers. It's all really cool and interesting, and you should totally check it out, whether you support or not.

  This is what our Patreon site looks like. Click the image to go there.

This is what our Patreon site looks like. Click the image to go there.

Amazon affiliation. Another weird, but awesome thing that I need to explain. You might have noticed we have a handful of Amazon links floating around the site (mainly on the Listen page), and a footer ad for the everything-you-need shopping site. This is because, if you use one of the links, and buy the product, we get anywhere from 1-10% of what you spend. The best part about that, is that you pay the exact same price that you would pay without using one of our links. So, if you hear us chatting about something that you might want to pick up, check the blog post and use our affiliates link or go through our aStore to get it! There's pretty much no downside. You get your products, and support your friendly neighborhood podcast while you do it!

Lastly, happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are so thankful and #blessed to be able to bring this show to you all, and that honestly would not happen without your support. Whether your support is through just listening, engaging with us on social media, or even financially supporting us through one of the platforms mentioned above, we appreciate every single one of you. Have a great holiday!

United in fandom,
The Hosts