Between the Cons

a podcast for movies/tv, gaming, sci-fi, and all things between comic-cons

Between the Cons is a bi-weekly podcast for movies/tv, gaming, sci-fi, and all things between comic-cons.


Raised in the heart of Dixie, Chris was christened early into the the Marvel Universe and has since been expanding outward in his nerd knowledge. On the off chance that he isn’t reading his subs, binging on Netflix, or playing Gears or CoD, he dishes out customer service like a boss.


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The Outlaw Steve Jr. has seen the plains and deserts of RomCom blandity and the frozen tundra of the dramatic monologue and has reserved himself as a warrior, nay, a defender of the rights of the sci-fi fanatic, a patriot of fantasy, and a commander of comic lore. He will drag you into an asimovian barfight and hack you down until you are legolas. He spends his days playing music with The Underhill Family Orchestra and casting mean glances across nebulous tides toward Mr. Naughty List.

first appearance: E.011.5: BONUS: Wild Accusations with the Outlaw Steve Jr.


Raised from a young age on a balanced diet of comic books and sci-fi & fantasy novels, Kris loved playing pretend so much as a child that he made it his life's ambition and now works as a theater director, actor, and fight director. He spends his free time with his awesome wife watching movies, playing tabletop games, and indulging in their shared love of all things geeky. Kris stands as a lone defender of DC in the midst of the Marvel horde. Also, spoiler-alert, he's your father.

first appearance: E.037: Suicide Squad Killed Colonel Hiller


Born and bred in the Deep South, Cole possesses a deep love for literature of most sorts but especially fantasy and especially Tolkien. He is a padawan in most other nerdy things but is under the careful tutelage of Chris and is progressing nicely. He lives in Denver with his lovely wife Jackie and his dog Finn. #HanShotFirst

first appearance: E.041 Bohemian Rhapsody Makes Everything Better


Born in the wastelands of Alabama, that is to say, the affluent town of Fairhope, Dane has been nerding it since he got a Sega Genesis so...5. Since he was 5. He spends his time constantly on the internet, and somehow hasn't started his own webshow yet, probably because he is too lazy.

first appearance: E.047: If There's Not a Blue Barracuda


Raised in the cornfields of Indiana, similar to the likes of Luke Tatooine or Kal-El's humble beginnings, Torrey (a.k.a. MasterMind-rebo) dreamed of a world beyond his own.  He started early reading his way through Narnia, Hogwarts, and Middle Earth. His father taught him the ways of the Force at an early age and he would aspire to live the ways of the hero, in the fashion of Aragorn, Luke Skywalker, and Samwise Gamgee.  In his free time he enjoys playing playing tabletop games, (re)watching Firefly and Doctor Who, and pushing real estate in the Denver market. 

first appearance: E.049: They'll Just Bring In Danny Elfman


Robert & Madison are natives of small town Alabama, have their own computer repair/solutions company, and are, as you can probably tell, Nintendo fanatics. Back in college, these boys were Chris's dorm-neighbors, and the three of them spent endless hours talking everything from NES to Wii (and played a lot of Mario Kart, whole lot). The twins' pop culture midi-chlorians are off the scale, and they have a love for the Lord, family, technology, and nerd culture in general. They also witnessed a guy fight Chris over a didgeridoo.

first appearance: E.053: This Game is the Shiz Nits!


Raised on a healthy diet of Tolkien in the evenings with his father, board games like Risk and Rail Baron, and an enormous amount of Russian literature at way too young of an age...Kyle took a fairly circuitous route to his own brand of geekdom. Comic books and video games didn't come around until college when he discovered Watchmen and World of Warcraft. Kyle enjoys the thickest of fantasy books, smoking a pipe while discussing Tolkien/literature, and Netflix with his awesome wife, Amy. Also, his mom gives him *sigh* just the worst Christmas gifts sometimes. 

first appearance: E.071: Bench Pressing Houses with His Ginger Rage

Former BTC Members

Hailing from Denver by way of Nebraska, co-creator and former host, Sean never met a piece of sci-fi, fantasy, or superhero lore he didn’t like.  Sean left the show in February 2016 to chase his dreams as a full-stack developer and dad. Sean spends his days coding his way through the matrix, pulling double duty with his newborn twins, enjoying the craziness of life with his wife, Hannah, and producing his brand new (12/2016) podcast, The Main Loop.


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